About Us

Federal Science and Technical College (FSTC), Yaba was established in 1948 by the colonial master. At inception, the College was known as Yaba Trade Centre. It was specifically designed to train skilled Craftsman and Technician for the then emerging Building and Engineering Trades, after the Second World War. The motivation was not only to satisfy a growing need in the nation’s economy, but more essentially, to make the products of the College self-reliant.

The institution is located along Morris Road in Yaba area of Lagos State, a serene environment with standard Workshops that make it a Technician’s haven. The College shares boundaries with IDH Mainland Hospital and covers about 7.5 hectares of Land.

The College started off with 40 trainees and offered training in just two trades, Carpentry and Joinery and Cabinet making.

However, by 1954, all the 14 basic trades in Engineering, Electrical and Building had been established and taught in well-equipped Workshop along modern line.

In 1963, the College benefitted from the United National Training Scheme (UNTS) under the International Labour Organization for the training of instructors and supervisors at the end of which saw the establishment of the Advanced Courses in ten trades at the Centre. At the completion of the ILO Project in 1967, the centre became a full-fledged Technical College, offering a three year course leading to the NTC/NBC, ANTC/ANBC as well as the Craft Training Certificates.  Most significantly, the Centre became the birth place of the National Technical Teachers’ College, now the Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka, Lagos.

Interestingly, by 2002/2003 academic session, the Science component was added to enhance the status of the College in order to attract younger students aiming for higher education.

Consequently, in line with other FSTCs, the College assumed the status of a Federal Science and Technical College, offering in addition to its traditional courses, all the basic education subjects of conventional Science Secondary Schools in Nigeria.


 To be the leading Science and Technical College in Nigeria, providing the needed Scientific, Technical and Vocational education for Disciplined, Self-reliant students, ready for the industries and tertiary institutions and to ultimately satisfy all stakeholders.


To produce an informed citizenry, equipped with appropriate Scientific, Technical and Vocational skills capable and willing to play expected roles for the socio-economic development of the individual and the nation in general. 


1.       FSTC Yaba, Citadel of Learning

         Where sons and daughters of vigour are built

         We’re brave enough to face challenges

         And fit to cope with all our work.


         Where young people come to seek knowledge

         For the progress of our fatherland

         FSTC Yaba, FSTC Yaba,

         You are noble indeed.

2.      Skill acquisition will be our watchword

         For self-sustenance and self-reliance

        Armed with strength and Industry

        Our future will ever be bright

        We’ll be loyal, honest and kind

        Protect our image wherever we go.

3.       Grant us Lord that we may first love and know Thee

            The true foundation of all knowledge

            And so we’ll be able to face the future

            And we will then achieve our goal.