Technical Section


Technical Education: The word technical can be defined as proficiency in a practical skill or a practical subject that is organized around scientific principles. We can therefore say Technical Education is the acquisition of the knowledge relating to these skills practically.

Technical education plays a vital role in human resource development of a nation by creating the necessary manpower (specialized workforce for industrial revolution), enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of life of the technicians, craftsmen and society at large. Technical Education does not just leave Technicians/Technologist with skills that make them employable, but they can also be self-employed. They create the small, medium scale enterprise which are feeder companies (act as suppliers to the big industries producing the small parts required such as wipers, trafficator lamps, etc. i.e. as in the automobile assembly plants.) to the large industries.

Technical education will reduce not only the mass of unemployed youths, but will give us an opportunity to compete in the global stage.

In FSTC Yaba we have 19 trade courses. 9 Engineering trade courses, 6 Construction work courses, while Miscellaneous and Business studies share 2 courses a piece.

Technical Education vis –a- vis an industrial revolution and its impact on the economy of a nation. Economies of countries which we categorize as technically or technologically developed started with emphasis on technical education. United States of America became a Technological leader in the 20th century because of its development of an advance system of technical education. Likewise China in an effort to modernize its industries sent large number of its factory managers, technicians and trainers abroad to acquire advanced technical expertise and managerial ability. United Kingdom, Japan and many other emerging economies laid emphasis on Technical Education and which became the bedrock of industrial revolution leading to growth in their economy.

With more industries the economy is stimulated as more jobs are created and various supply value chain established. This is also applicable to the Agro allied industries, the Defense industries etc. when a nation is industrialized mass employment takes place, crime rate is reduced and youth restiveness checked.

As an inhabitant of our country you must have noticed the recent trend. There is rush to establish skill acquisition centers by state Governments and institutions, the essence is to offer alternatives to unemployed graduates to earn a living outside the very few (white collar) government jobs available on offer.

Here in FSTC Yaba, we combine basic Senior Secondary Education with various trades, very specialized skills that guarantee our graduates self-employability status in the event that they desire such. What we have on offer here is way beyond what other skill acquisition centers can offer. We have Machine Wood Work, Furniture Craft Workshops, Plumbing & Pipe Fitting trade, Carpentry & Joinery, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning amidst other trade courses, which our students undertake and receive recognized certificates such as NABTEB & NECO certificates, these certificates can further be used to gain admission into tertiary institutions.

A student who desires to further his or her education may continue along his trade line or go further to acquire skills that may compliment his field of study in the university. A student desirous of reading architecture may as well pick a trade in Carpentry & Joinery.

Advantages: One advantage is that they have the choice of working with these skills in companies which require their trade or move on to the university and work during the holidays with the acquired skills.

For aspiring Engineering and Science students their performance is enhanced because they have practical knowledge of the courses they intend to study in tertiary institution.

The Good News is that some of these graduate technicians and craftsmen are in high demand. We have series of letters from high profile companies seeking our students and we cannot meet up with these demands. Permit me to name just two of them, i.e Inlaks Computers Ltd [they are service providers to major Multinationals and International Oil and Gas (IOC’s) companies in Nigeria], Savvy Capire Partners Ltd.  Opportunities also exist for jobs outside the shores of our country hence we encourage parents to take the NABTEB route to the university, it is profitable.

Technical Education is an important foundation for a society determined to industrialize. Industrialization involves production oriented techniques in various fields. i.e. Mechanical Engineering – General Fitting, Machining, Milling and Turning operations, in Fabrication and Welding technique -  Formation of sheets containers, structural steel work and erection, in Foundry Craft the production technique employed is that of  mass ornamental castings and moulding of machinery parts and components.  These highly skilled personnel can be deployed to the Manufacturing industries, [Aluminum, steel, Textiles industries and other Small Scale Industries, etc.] Production, Defense, Agro – Mechanized Outfits etc. The bulk of the manpower needed for these industries are majorly technician, craftsmen and artisans.

Industrialization stimulates economic development, goods manufactured are not only used for the domestic market but can be exported to generate income for our country. FSTC Yaba is determined to continue to be of service to the nation in the training of our youths and given them the necessary empowerment by recommending them to collaborating agencies (FIIRO, Bank of Industries BOI etc.).

The Federal Ministry of Education, FME has announced to the nation a new admission policy geared towards encouraging parents and students to undertake Technical Education in the Federal Science and Technical Colleges. The new policy defines the admission ratio as 70:30% in favor of Technical Education to Science into Senior Secondary Schools year One [SS1] in all FSTC’s nationwide. This is the major reason for this sensitization. We advise that parents and guardians to take advantage of this policy and choose a skill from any of the 19 trade courses on offer.

We have capacity, by this I mean experienced staff and equipment. Speaking authoritatively we have 12 workshops that can compete favorably with any one located in any University in the country. So you can see that with the physical infrastructural changes going on and the new policy from the Ministry emphasizing skills acquisition that is technical education, FSTC Yaba should be the preferred destination of study for your children’s Senior Secondary Education.

The ball is in your court. Choose a trade today while you enjoy your Senior Secondary Education.

OPUTE, D.N. Engr. (Mrs.)

Vice Principal (Academics) Technical.