Landmark Achievements in FSTC YABA since August, 2014.




“The Standard of Education must not be compromised under any circumstance” Babs Fafunwa (1996). The Federal Government in a bid to maintain the standard of Education has delivered these words in funding schools of various levels.

Federal Science and Technical College (FSTC) , Yaba being one of such was established in 1948 by our colonial masters. It was initially known as Yaba Trade Centre as it was tailored towards training Craft men and Technicians specialized in Building and Engineering. The primary aim of the scheme then was to produce self-reliant citizenry and today, admission into the FSTC Yaba are in three phases:

  1.  Junior Secondary (Upper Basic)
  2. Senior Secondary (Post Basic)
  3. Technical (NTC/NBC).

The reputation of the College has since grown from over-grown students into appreciable age-groups.


In the past, this citadel of learning was one noted for students’ truancy, staff unseriousness, dirty environment, poor dressing, poor infrastructure, and so on. It is also delightful to note that FSTC Yaba has come to know various contributions of Principals. In other words, different administrations have done their best in improving the standard of the College and the efforts of our Heroes’ past shall never be in vain.

However, the journey of this administration began in July 18th 2014. Rev. Hon. Chris O. Ugorji, took over the leadership of the College from the then Ag. Director/Principal, Mr. Ogorry, O.U. but assumed duties formally in August, 2014 and since then, FSTC Yaba has enjoyed various levels of transformation as improvement on what other administrations have done.  

This administration can best be described as one committed to placing FSTC Yaba as the best in the pedestals of other FSTCs nationally and beyond. These array of developments are listed below but in no particular order:

  1. Improved discipline: Since August 2014, our students now operate with the cache “operation picks all liters”. As a result, the college compound has maintained cleanliness effortlessly. 40 industrial Waste Bins were purchased and spread at strategic places in the College. Teachers now report punctual to classes more than ever before.
  2. Construction of Hostel Decking: One of the Girl’s Hostel virtually collapsed and students were evacuated resulting in scarcity of students’ accommodation.  This administration, quickly partnered with the PTA not only to construct a new ceiling, but also the entire students’ Boy’s and Girls’ Hostels.
  3. On assumption Durable iron chairs and Tables: In the past, Dining Hall (Refectory) only had benches and few numbers of tables; but presently, this administration has constructed strong, iron, durable tables of 900 plus capacities with an overflow in the College Assemble Hall. Students now have proper dining culture and during exams, they no longer squat to write.
  4. Staff Welfare: it is not hidden that from August 2014 till date, Staff welfare has tremendously improved. Staff were provided with free eye tests and glasses to improve their sight. Staff participated in various training workshops within the school and outside the state.
  5. Since August, 2014, as it is commonly said by staff that the ‘heaven over the College is open’. This is because; promotion of staff and deployment was massive. Formerly, the operatives of the management was with only four Vice Principals but now, the College,  through the largesse of the Federal Ministry of Education, under the administration of Rev. Hon. Chris O. Ugorji now has six in place of four Vice Principals. Out of the eleven Deputy Directors, nine of them have presently been redeployed as substantive Vice Principals in various Unity Colleges all over the country. Three of them who are staff of this college, were retained as substantive Vice Principals for the office of Vice Principal Students’ Affairs – Mrs. Ajisafe, A.A (former HOS Chemistry), Vice Principal Academic Science, Junior School - Mrs. Olabooye, M.B. (former HOS Arts and Social Science and Coordinator Junior School), Vice Principal Special Duties – Mr. Ilukwe, T.C. (former HOD Miscellenous Trades).
  6. Coaster Bus: In January, 2014, among the rain of new year blessings God provided in the FSTC Yaba was the successful purchase of a brand new or “tear rubber”  40-Seater Toyota Coaster Bus using the 2014 appropriation  bill to help  convey staff and students in larger numbers for outing trips with pride.  This has gone a long way in improving the image of the college.
  7. Laurels: Laurels are considered in our society as academic landmark pointers and if a count stand is made for all outstanding laurels won by our prestigious students in FSTC Yaba, in this administration, then it will fill the whole of this documentary. Examples of laurels won are:


  1. First in Lagos State Chemistry Challenge by our own Jamiu
  2. First in South-West Zonal Mathematics Competition, and second place nation wide
  3. First in Cowbel Lagos State Competition, etc

8. Dressing: as it is popularly sinuated in FSTC Yaba, ‘you are addressed by the way you dress”. The dressing patterns of Students and Staff have improved considerably for all to see. No student must be without well knotted tie and blazers are compulsory for Principal’s Assembly and outings. This has gone down well in redeeming the image of the College as students are better presentable at all times.

9. Transformation of the Science Laboratories: under this administration,  through the 2014 appropriation, equipment in line with best practices have been purchased and furnishings installed to suit the standard expected of an administration that wants the best for her students. 

10. Conference Room: The image of the college was once again put into consideration through the Principal’s Conference Room. The administration of Rev. Hon. Chris O. Ugorji graciously renovated the Principal’s Conference Room to World Class Standard attracting Partnerships with interested institutions like VODACOM Africa, etc.

11. Ken Katas  - :Sit Down and Read” Programme: Now, what will be the essence of all the development without the academic transformation of our students? Ken Katas, an education consultant was invited to instill reading motivation strategies for students, working boost for staff and inculcating parent-hood in parents. There is no short cut to success as students were taught that the best and long lasting road to academic excellence was for them to sit down and read. Students were touched by the life transforming teachings of Dr. Ken Katas. On their own free will, many of these students submitted contraband items with the promise to turn a new leaf.   

Parents were taught that to be true and committed parents, there is need to pay “rents” in fees as the sacrifice of nurturing their children /wards so that they can have their well-deserved rest in the future.

Staff were taught to be united in correcting the students and they were taught about the blessings inherent.

12. 44th Annual Inter House Sports: on the 21sty of March, 2015, the College hosted her 44th Annual Inter House Sports. This event was graced by dignitaries from all works of life chief among whom is Dr. MacJohn Nwaobiala, the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Education.

13. Public Private Partnership (PlPP): Government has always encouraged the participation of players in the private sector in the running of her establishments. FSTC Yaba has keyed into Government’s vision for the private sector participation. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in favour of the College has been signed with various agencies under this administration. Filkmou Motors Ltd for example partnered with the College in managing the Motor Section of the College. Classes were constructed, state of art equipment was brought in and training sections for students and staff alike are benefits for the college.

14. VODACOM Africa: Muliti-national like VODACOM Africa have seen the vision of the Director/Principal, Rev. Hon. Chris O. Ugorji in making FSTC Yaba, the best among other FSTCs in Nigeria. They have therefore donated a 220KVA Generating Set, 6/6 internet and Light signage at the second gate of the college with promises to do more. These donations have gone a long way in cushioning some aggravating problems prominent in the college.

15. Signage: This documentary will not be complete without making reference to standard signed identifications standing as pointers for all offices, workshops and classes. State of Signage designs at the College entrance is second to none.

16. Completion of the JSS 1 Block, refurbishing of the administrative building and offices all over the compound.   The whole college community is agog with the various refurbishing going on.

17. Criticisms

It is therefore a thing of wonder and surprise, if after all these transformation experienced in the college compound, a group of questionable individuals still wants to mar the image of the college through indiscriminate attacks in media and various human agents. This will not be tolerated but this administration is not perturbed by them as they continue to forge ahead.

18. Appreciation: All these good works would not been possible without the provision of sound enabling environment by the Federal Ministry of Education. Kudos to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mohammadu  Buhari  and the Permanent Secretary FME, Dr. Macjohn Nwaobiala for their vision and support for realizing the best in Education. This administration, under the leadership of Rev. Hon. Chris. O. Ugorji appreciates you.

19. Conclusion

In conclusion, forward ever; backward never. the College is moving forward and the college management, students and Staff is calling on all well-meaning individuals and companies to come on board in moving this college forward. As you do so may God bless mightily. Amen. 

FSTC Editorial Board